At this end of 2019

At this end of 2019 I find myself thinking back over all the creative projects that  have been trig points mapped over the first year in a new house. An area of adjoined Woodland that soon showed signs of human activity over many millennia gripped me earlier in the year, the land of the Iceni suggested a possibility to do some environmental Art by remodelling existing mature box hedging into the shape of an Iceni horse design archived from a stock photo online of an Iceni coin. IMG_1693After sculpting the existing hedges replanting and constructing curved fences from fallen timber the design which is roughly 100ft in length was laid out as a path and will hopefully winter well before coming into its own next Spring. The entrance to the path is marked by a mosaic of a similar horse manufactured from hand cut flint sourced from the wood, many thanks to Laurence Payne for equipping me with new learnt skills to cut tesserae by hand.

It’s also been a year of the written word, 2 poems published courtesy of The Poetic Bond and a short story published courtesy of Thrice publishing… at time of writing another short story is forthcoming courtesy of Rainfall records and books. The winter allows time indoors to complete a short story inspired by time spent in the wood, now with 10 months plus spent in the wood elements have seeped under my skin that allow contemplation of where the writing will go.

Earlier in the year I was able to carve part of a dug up tree root, as well as a piece of locally sourced Mulberry wood and a weathered piece of bark but my intention had always been to approach 2020 as the major carving year focussed on the stump of a Scotch Pine that we had to have felled due to extensive rotten wood. At time of writing this is seasoning in its new form until I approach it next year.

2019 has nearly passed and I wanted to make up a little for not posting many Blogs recently by summing up a busy Creative year now. Many thanks to all who may read this and visit this site. Happy Christmas and see you all next year X.

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